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Website link policy

Our policy for linking to other websites.

We only link to websites when there is a direct relationship between information on our website and the information on the external website.

We do not endorse or guarantee any external organisations, services, advice or products included within any links found on our website.

We promote the development and use of accessible web pages, however we cannot guarantee the accessibility of any external web content.

All links are made solely at the discretion of the Council.

Decisions to provide a link are made on a case by case basis and may be removed at any time, without notice.

Links to other websites

From our website we may publish links to:

  • An organisation the council is working with, including but not limited to organisations receiving funding from us or hold contracts to deliver services for us
  • Educational institutions
  • Other government agencies
  • Local groups and organisations
  • Non-profit or charitable websites that provide services and facilities for local residents and businesses
  • Other organisations or websites at our sole discretion

Links to commercial sites

We do not publish or accept links to commercial and corporate sites where there is no direct relationship between us, the content and/or the organisations.

We may link to other organisations or websites at our sole discretion.

Reciprocal links

We link to other websites according to this policy. We do not engage in reciprocal linking.

Linking to us

You may link to us at no cost and without special permission. Please link to specific content where possible. In all other cases please link to our homepage.