Customer Confidence Scheme

The Customer Confidence Scheme is to reassure residents that our local businesses are maintaining Covid secure measures.

Last updated: 9 March 2023

Next review: 9 March 2024

We are staying Covid safe

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on local businesses in Waltham Forest. The aim of the Customer Confidence Scheme is to reassure residents that our local businesses are maintaining Covid-secure measures, to ensure the safety of our residents. 

What is the Customer Confidence Scheme (CCS)?

  • Local businesses can apply online for a self-certified Waltham Forest branded poster that they can display on their premises or in their windows. This poster shows that this business has taken steps to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. 

Why did we develop the CCS?

  • To encourage customers to feel confident to return to local businesses. Giving them the confidence and Covid-19 information, advice, and guidance to do so in a safe manner 
  • To encourage businesses to continue to protect their customers from Covid-19 

Advantages of the CCS

  • Encourages businesses to continue to adopt measures and practices to reduce the spread of Covid-19  
  • Demonstrates to customers that a participating business is taking Health and Safety measures to control Covid-19 and therefore builds consumer confidence 

Requirements for businesses applying

In order to apply for the scheme, businesses will need to demonstrate that they fulfil all of the following measures: 

  1. Ventilation: fresh air maximised as far as possible 
  2. Hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities: made readily available for staff and customers 
  3. Cleaning: regularly clean high traffic areas and common touch points such as door handles 
  4. Social distancing: enabled where possible 
  5. Face coverings: staff and customers are encouraged to wear a face covering if they are able and would like to 
  6. Self-isolation: staff are supported to stay at home if they have symptoms or a positive test result to prevent onward transmission