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Energy bills and council tax rebate

Find out about energy bills and the council tax rebate.

On the 3 February 2022, the Chancellor announced that Council Tax payers who live in a band A to D property will receive a one-off payment of £150 to support households with rising energy costs. He also announced that funding would be made available to Councils to enable them to operate a discretionary scheme for people who needed help but were not entitled to the £150.

Bogus Callers: Fraud Alert

We have been alerted by other councils that some of their residents have received phone calls from people stating to be from the Council and asking for details of their bank account so they could credit the £150 rebate to their account.

We will not call you to ask for these details.  If you receive a call asking for your bank account details so that you can receive the £150 rebate you should end the call immediately.

Who can get this £150 rebate?

People liable to pay the Council Tax will be entitled to this rebate if, on 1 April 2022:

  1. The property they are liable to pay Council Tax for is valued in council tax bands A – D. This includes property that is valued in band E but has an alternative valuation band of band D, as a result of the disabled band reduction scheme;
  2. It is someone’s sole or main residence;
  3. It is a chargeable dwelling, or in exemption classes N, S, U or W*; and
  4. The person who is liable to pay the council tax (or would be were the property not exempt) is not a local authority, a corporate body or other body such as a housing association, the government or governmental body. If you don’t know which band your property is in, you can find it on your latest Council Tax bill or use the Valuation Office website to check.

If you live in a property which is exempt from Council Tax but included for the purposes of this grant (see What if council tax support, discretionary relief or an exemption covers all of my council tax bill? below) or your landlord pays your Council Tax, we will pay the person responsible for the utility bills by paying £150 into that person’s bank account.

When will I get the £150?

If you pay your Council Tax by direct debit we will credit the bank account you use to pay your Council Tax. With many thousands of payments to make we will continue to make payments in batches over the coming weeks. If the bank account from which you pay the direct debit does not match the name of at least one of the liable persons then we will write to you.

If you do not pay via direct debit, we will write to you. You do not need to contact us. If we do write to you, we will ask you to visit the GrantApproval website and register as a user to claim your award. We have started with residents who live in band A properties and will then move on through bands B to D over the coming weeks. This is a significant exercise involving many thousands of residents so will take several weeks to complete.

If you do not want the money paid into your bank account, we will credit your Council Tax account with £150. This, however, will take slightly longer because of the way the scheme has been designed.

Where can I find out more information?

More information about the £150 Council Tax rebate, as well as other ways the government is helping with rising energy costs, is available on the GOV.UK website.

What if council tax support, discretionary relief or an exemption covers all of my council tax bill?

You will still be entitled to an award – we do not consider Council Tax Support and discretionary relief when making awards.

You will also be entitled to an award if you are exempt from the Council Tax because the property you live in is occupied:

  • only by students.
  • only by people who are severely mentally impaired
  • only by persons aged under 18 or if
  • your home is or is similar to a ‘granny annex’

I’m not entitled to the £150 rebate but still need help

There will be a discretionary scheme aimed at providing help to people who either live in a property in band E or above or who live in property bands A-D but are not entitled to help under the main scheme. We are finalising details of our policy and will publish a link and details of how to claim on this page.

HEET are an organisation that specialise in providing help and support to people facing difficulties with fuel costs.  

I neither want nor need the £150 rebate

We have to make payment to everybody who is entitled to the rebate where we have sufficient information to do so.  If you genuinely do not want the payment, there are numerous charities in the Waltham Forest area who provide assistance with food and fuel issues.  You could donate your rebate to one of these charities.  If you do so using the ‘Gift Aid’ scheme, the recipient will benefit from a tax rebate on the £150 as well.