Last updated: 25 August 2023

Next review: 25 August 2024

A well-maintained home can help you to stay in better health and avoid accidents, whilst the garden is often a sanctuary for many people and can help with mental wellbeing. However, looking after your home, garden and doing housework can be difficult, especially if you have a health or physical condition. 

Cleaning your home

Being able to clean your home and launder clothes can become difficult if you’re living with a health condition, but there is equipment available that might help you with these tasks.  

Some things you can do now to help yourself:

  • Contact voluntary organisations or use your Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance to hire help. Always ask for references
  • Keep your home free from clutter. The less you have to move when cleaning, the less tiring it will be. You will also reduce your risk of falling
  • If you’re worried about falls, use long handled dusters instead of overreaching or climbing on furniture
  • Try using a light weight vacuum cleaner

Maintaining your house and garden

If you’re struggling to keep up with tasks that need doing around the home and garden, you may be able to get help with smaller jobs from some voluntary organisations. There may be a small charge or you might be asked for a donation.

For larger jobs you may need to hire a tradesman. When hiring someone new, always check their previous work.  You can do this by asking for personal recommendations from family and friends or by looking at their testimonials and internet ratings.

If you live in a housing association home or rent from a private landlord, then they’re responsible for keeping the house maintained and you should contact them directly for anything that needs doing.

Waltham Forest Service Store

Waltham Forest Service Store offers a range of services to support you in your home.

Whether it is fixing that pesky leaking tap or removing your old fridge freezer from the back porch, the Service Store is here to help and get jobs done.

There are teams of dedicated, experienced and reliable staff can promise to provide a job well done and when you choose our services you can be confident that they will be completed and delivered on-time.

All the services on this website will be delivered by your council team, local people you can trust.

Visit the Service Store's website to find out more.