Last updated: 22 August 2023

Our Core Offer to Carers

Whole Family Support

When we carry out an assessment of needs and outcomes, we will also assess the needs of those around you to ensure their needs and outcomes are supported too. We want to ensure that everyone at home, including the person you care for (who may live elsewhere), has the right support in place. This can also reduce the demand and pressures faced by yourself as a carer.

Carers Assessments

Whether you are a young carer, young adult carer or an adult carer, we will offer you an assessment which will be supported by a plan and reviewed periodically. The assessment will consider your own needs and outcomes, your role as a carer and how this impacts you as an individual and your wellbeing. The assessment will be accompanied by a plan to support you navigate any challenges that may exist and support you to achieve personal goals.

Financial Support

If you are an adult carer, we can explore financial assistance via direct payment, subject to eligibility, and review this annually or according to changing needs. The direct payment may be utilised to meet or achieve outcomes agreed in a care and support plan following a carers assessment and/or assessment of the person cared for.

Personalised Information, Advice, and Guidance

All carers can access personalised information, advice and guidance via our dedicated carers support service and digital services. Carers can refer themselves to Carers First, our voluntary and community sector partner for support, or can contact other organisations. Information on support and services is available online via the Council’s and Carers First webpages.

Groups, Clubs and Peer Support

We also offer a variety of opportunities for carers. These include opportunities for carers to meet with other carers and share experiences, have time away from caring responsibilities, and learn new skills and hobbies.