Licences and street trading

You may need approval if you operate certain types of food businesses
This new process introduces a streamlined route for businesses such as cafes, restaurants and bars to secure a licence to place furniture on the highway.
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Advice to businesses reopening and the Governments roadmap 
Street Trading licences are required before anyone can trade on the market
You need a licence to run a boarding kennel or cattery
Businesses that lend money must be licensed with the Office of Fair Trading
It's an offence to keep dangerous animals without a licence 
You need a licence to run a dog breeding establishment.
The council is responsible for issuing gambling licences to premises where gambling takes place
Licences are required for any display that may protrude or project over a public highway
A licence is required to take or kill game and to deal in game
You need a Defra licence to move animals
Licence for places where the sale of goods by competitive bidding takes place
Premises offering special treatments must have a special treatment licence
Under the Gambling Act 2005 a licence is required to conduct small lotteries, raffles etc.
You must have a club premises permit to supply alcohol or regulated entertainment in a qualifying club
Sex shops, sex cinemas and sexual entertainment venues fall under licensing regulations
Shops need a licence from the council to be allowed to store fireworks for sale, or they risk a fine or prison sentence  
 Hairdressers no longer have to be registered, but certain activities still need registration for licensing
You must have a license to operate a private hire vehicle (mini cab), and your vehicle will be tested
You must be registered to exhibit, use or train performing animals
The council grants personal licences for the supply or authorisation of alcohol supply
You need a licence to run a pet shop or a business that sells pets
Petrol filling stations and other commercial petrol storage facilities in London must be licensed
As of 26 May 2015, retailers no longer need to register with the council to sell some poisons
You need a licence to provide late night refreshments and regulated entertainment
You need a licence to run a riding establishment. 
The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 (The Act) came into force on the 1 October 2013
If you operate a skip hire business or own skips, you need a permit under the Highways Act 1980
Trading Standards officers test public weighbridge operators and issue them certificates
To run a zoo in Waltham Forest, you need a licence from us
All traders who intend to store mixed explosives must be registered on an annual basis (includes car dealers/garages)
It is an offence to place scaffolding or hoarding on the highway without permission
Report illegal street trading in Walthamstow online, and more information
Intended for one-off events (e.g. school activities, charitable and community events)
All buildings with cooling towers and evaporative condensers must be registered with the council
To operate a nursing agency you must register with the Care Quality Commission
You must have authorisation from the council to perform a hypnotism act in public
Licensing only applies when they are done in remote or isolated environments