Belinda, local resident

Our neighbourhoods: Meet Belinda

Published: 3 March 2023
Filed under: Neighbourhoods

We spoke to local residents to find out why they love their local neighbourhood, what makes them proud to live here and what they’d like to be improved.

I had to start all over again

Belinda moved to Church Hill 30 years ago with her husband and daughter.   

“The first week after we arrived in Walthamstow – we uprooted ourselves from Manila where I had my neighbours, my friends, my career. I had to start all over again. 

We love living here

That was very disorienting so in the first week I felt intimidated. I was anxious that nobody would understand my English or understand me. My favourite place was the Market… there was this stall that sold cooked meats and I could buy ingredients and vegetables I know from the Philippines. I was like ‘woah! It’s just like in the Philippines!’ That matters to me a lot. 

Over time I got over that fear because I had this neighbour across the road. They came to our house just to say hi – I’ll never forget that. That kindness, that welcomeness from the people around you, the diversity in Walthamstow. I’ve appreciated that so much, we love living here.” 

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