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Hidden Creatives: Ni'aja

Published: 24 November 2022
Filed under: Arts and culture

Hidden Creatives is a portrait exhibition which explores the creative diversity in the Blackhorse Lane Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) (Link to CEZ page). For this project photographer, Andy Donahoe was tasked with exploring the different corners of the district to find creatives which demonstrated the broad mix of practices and technical backgrounds. The images have been printed in large format and have been exhibited throughout the CEZ in public places. Find the rest of the hidden creatives.  

Ni’aja: Student at BCE 

I feel like good quality opportunities are hard to find and I am therefore aware that after I graduate I will have to continue to work hard and use my initiative to find the opportunities that will benefit me most in my professional development and eventually a creative career. 

I believe that the word creative means different things to different people, I find most of my creativity and inspiration from my faith and beliefs. Creativity is what you make it and allows you the freedom to express yourself as an individual whether that be through fashion, music, photography, film or design.