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Bruce Saunders

Hidden Creatives: Bruce Saunders

Published: 24 November 2022
Filed under: Arts and culture

Hidden Creatives is a portrait exhibition which explores the creative diversity in the Blackhorse Lane Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) (Link to CEZ page). For this project photographer, Andy Donohoe was tasked with exploring the different corners of the district to find creatives which demonstrated the broad mix of practices and technical backgrounds. The images have been printed in large format and have been exhibited throughout the CEZ in public places.

Bruce Saunders: Managing Director of Fallen and Felled. Use google maps to find where the portrait is located

Website: Fallen and Felled 
Instagram: @fallenandfelled

I discovered it was impossible to buy UK grown hardwood in London, and found out that thousands of mature trees are felled every year in the city and pretty much all of them are burned. So I rescued a felled tree from a local building site in Camden and milled it into planks, air-dried them and after a year I had some stunning London plane timber to work with. Other furniture makers loved the wood so I started the business - rescuing London's felled trees and giving them a second life as long-lived furniture. 

Blackhorse is a top place for makers to create handcrafted furniture. It's a superb hub where people get to collaborate, to support each other and raise their game, and it's got all the kit they need. I think it's got a bright future because the market for handcrafted products is growing - places like Blackhorse lower the barriers to entry for creative people to realise their ambitions. 

We value being at the heart of the workshop community. It's great to be able to provide sustainably sourced timber to the makers in Blackhorse and to have that connection with like-minded people. 

Creative businesses need access to working space which is affordable. This can be a major challenge in London. Places like Blackhorse make it possible for businesses to develop products and build a customer base without the typically sky-high costs of rental in the London and the need to invest in equipment. Small creative businesses also thrive on collaborations so it is important that they get the chance to work alongside others.