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Council-led Parklets

Published: 2 December 2021
Filed under: Waltham Forest News

Council-led Parklets are small-scale semi-permanent structures that repurpose and transform parts of streets or parking spaces; utilising greenery, seating and other features. Funded by the Waltham Forest Council and working in partnership with businesses, we maintain responsibility for the structure and its maintenance whilst local stakeholders take responsibility for its use and upkeep.

Building on the success of the Council Parklets and the work being done in other boroughs; Waltham Forest Council wants to expand its work in partnership with local businesses to deliver Parklets that support their recovery, improve the urban environment, and provide practical benefits to the local community.

Seating area


This Council-led Parklet programme is specifically aimed at organisations and business premises that would benefit from a functional parklet that supports the aims of the business and/or provides a much-needed space for patrons and staff to enjoy. We want these parklets to bring as many benefits to the local community as possible, and we look forward to working with local businesses and organisations to achieve these goals. If you are or know of a business or area that would benefit from a parklet please let us know by completing the form below.


Based on suggestions received we will review the appropriateness of potential locations, engage with the local community, develop suitable designs based on feedback and mobilise for installation.

  1. Read through available information online, submit an application via link provided, council application review
  2. Assessment of site by a council officer, Design development, consultation and engagement with stakeholders
  3. Detailed design and installation preparation, construction completed.

Resident-led Parklets

We are also developing plans for a resident-led Parklet programme, with a focus on low-cost interventions, developed and managed by residents, that highlight innovative ways in which a single car parking space can be reimagined. Further details on the resident led programme will be announced over the coming months.

Further information

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