Micaela, Neighbourhood Botanicals

Choose Local: Micaela Nisbet, Neighbourhood Botanicals

Published: 29 March 2022
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Neighbourhood Botanicals is a southern hemisphere inspired 100% natural skincare brand made and bottled in Lea Bridge. We speak to Founder Micaela Nisbet about the business’s journey and what she likes about being a part of Lea Bridge’s community.   

Hi Micaela. Tell us how Neighbourhood Botanicals came to be – when and why did you start the business?

I started Neighbourhood Botanicals in 2016 when I wanted to move on from my previous career in live music. I was getting tired of touring non-stop and thought I’d start ‘engineering’ skincare instead.

What do you think makes Neighbourhood Botanicals stand out?

I formulate and design all our products myself, so it’s really a creative outlet for me rather than a marketing brand. We were also one of the first skincare brands to become carbon negative.

What makes Lea Bridge and the business community here special?

I love our neighbours here. All through lockdown the area was a hive of activity because it’s home to physical manufacturing which you can’t do at home. It was comforting sharing daily ups and downs and advice with so many fellow small business owners.

Why should people support local businesses?

When everyone supports their local shops, businesses thrive. When money is kept local, the whole community benefits. 

Where do you like to visit/shop locally?

In the summer we like to take some Square Root sodas to the Leyton Marshes after work!

Where can people find out more about you?

Just search Neighbourhood Botanicals and you’ll see our website, Instagram and articles about the brand.