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Catch up with Kye Mitchell, Willmott Dixon Interiors

Published: 16 March 2022
Filed under: Jobs, training and skills

The transformation of the former EMD/Granada cinema into Soho Theatre Walthamstow is already improving the lives of Waltham Forest residents through a programme of upskilling, employment support, and on-the-job training, all helping connect Waltham Forest people with good jobs.

Blackhorse Road resident Kye Mitchell, 22, is a real-life example of Willmott Dixon Interiors’ commitment to connecting local people with local jobs. He had lost his avenues of work as a labourer during the first Covid lockdown and had been unemployed for most of the year when Willmott Dixon Interiors took him on as door staff, helping keep the site Covid-secure.

Having only ever worked one-week contracts, Kye impressed the rest of the Willmott Dixon Interiors team, who have kept him on and given him a mentor to help him progress.

They’re a really nice team: they all look after me. It’s great because, being local, working onsite helps me see where I’ll end up. It helps me be part of the process.

-Kye Mitchell

Through on-the-job training and courses, his responsibilities have quickly increased to cover logistics and sustainability, and he's recently completed his Crane Rescue Training and Traffic Marshall training.

It's great to be working full-time and long-term in a team rather than week-by-week in different sites. In other jobs I wasn't able to build relationships with anyone, but now I feel like part of the team. I know everyone!

-Kye Mitchell

The Blackhorse Lane resident is looking forward to the summer so he can walk or cycle to work rather than take the tube. But more than anything he's looking forward to the progress of the building work, especially the development of the community spaces at Soho Theatre Walthamstow.

Kye ultimately wants to work in surveying, and Willmott Dixon Interiors have just confirmed a 3-week shadowing opportunity with the head surveyor. 

18 months since being an unemployed resident, highly affected by the pandemic, Kye is becoming a highly skilled member of his community, eyes firmly set to the future.

Kye started out by manning the door. Now he’s an integral member of the team.

-Willmott Dixon Interiors colleague