Waltham Forest Public Service Strategy


This Public Service Strategy creates a new, all-encompassing definition of public service. It focuses on the most pressing challenges we face, to allow us to quickly respond to the issues Covid-19 has brought to the borough. This includes new responsibilities to embrace to keep our residents safe but also bold new actions to support our residents while remaining focussed on a long-term positive future for Waltham Forest.


Download our Public Service Strategy in full (PDF)


The scale of the challenge is unprecedented, but we can be confident in our ability to deliver locally. 
For us, public service is not about who does it, or how it is delivered.  
Public Service: Standing together in Waltham Forest, engagement and research  
We will be even more radical and innovative, with the values of public service at our core. 
We have been working and engaging with our residents and local businesses throughout the crisis.  
We want to make sure all residents can fulfil their potential and find rewarding work.  
The pandemic has deeply disrupted the lives of our residents, affecting their physical and mental health. 
We want everyone to be able to meet most of their needs within a short walk or bike ride from their home. 
We want to keep having conversations to develop a shared vision for the Borough.