Voice and Influence


The Voice and Influence Service works to give children, young people and young adults opportunities to have their voice heard and to use that voice to influence the decisions that affect them.

Meet the team and learn how you can contact us to have your voice heard.
A group of care leavers aged 18-25 who discuss issues important to care experienced adults.
Children in care aged 12-17 who discuss important issues about the care system
Independent Visitors are for children in care aged 5-18 who would like to have a friendship with an adult outside the care system.
You have a right to be heard! and access to an independent advocate.
Every child and young person in care must have an Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO).
When you're ready to leave care, find out how we can help.
The Pledge for Children in Care is a list of promises to children and young people in care in Waltham Forest.