Roads and pavements



Waltham Forest, as the local highway authority, is responsible for the adoption and maintenance of public highways.
For severe weather conditions, including gritting.
Apply for a dropped kerb, pay online and general information
Electric vehicle charging points
Find out the different ways to report flooding
The council has a winter service plan in place between October and April
The council’s highway maintenance group is responsible
Use the form to report a pothole or surface defect  
Report a damaged or faulty lamp column, note the location
Advice and information about location and status of public rights of way within Waltham Forest
The council is responsible for carrying out repairs and for administering highway legislation
Request a new or replacement sign or road marking
All roads must be kept clear of obstructions, for safety reasons
The latest road traffic schemes and consultations in Waltham Forest
Proposed roadworks information and how to report problems with roadworks in Waltham Forest.
Road safety measures, also including traffic calming
You can make an application or general enquiries
Traffic lights are not a council responsibility but you can report problems
The council can impose restrictions