Help with managing at home

Adult social care and health
People who live with a long term health or physical condition can experience difficulty getting around their home.
Advice and information about simple aids of daily living.
Falls shouldn’t be viewed as an inevitable consequence of aging, but they are more likely to occur as people get older.
Get tips on ways to make your life easier and safer when eating and preparing food, and how to ge
A well-maintained home can help you to stay in better health and avoid accidents.
Information and advice on home security, fire safety and how to stay warm this winter.
Occupational therapy is about giving you support with particular activities to help with any physical or mental challenges that you may have.
Free, short term support in your hometo help you manage your personal and practical daily needs.
Everyone's unique and has different reasons why shopping for food may be difficult.
Many people are able to stay in their own homes for most or all of their lives, if they get the c
If you live alone and feel vulnerable, you may want to consider getting a community alarm installed.
Social prescribing has been set up in Waltham Forest to help our residents become healthier, happier and connected.