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Health visitors and school nurses

Health visitors and School Nurses are qualified nurses with special training and experience in child and family health and development. We work in  teams of  Nurses, Nursery Nurses, administrative support staff, Clinical support workers and student Health visitors/ School nurses  to deliver the Healthy Child Programme to families, starting from contact in pregnancy through to when your child leaves school.

The Healthy Child Programme covers advice and support such as:

  • preparation for being a parent during pregnancy
  • helping with infant feeding
  • review of your baby and child’s health, growth, and development. 
  • advise and support around many aspects of parenting and staying safe and healthy, including accident prevention, childhood immunisations and managing minor ailments.

We also support parent’s health, including mental and emotional wellbeing and can offer support if you are feeling worried, or if you are in an unhappy or abusive relationship or you have concerns about drug and/or alcohol dependencies

Health visiting

All expectant parents are offered information about the service during pregnancy, and a health visitor will complete a first assessment visit when baby is born, usually before baby is 2 weeks old. This is called the New Birth Visit. There is a follow up visit at six weeks, where we can discuss any issues that affect you and your baby. 

We offer all children aged 1 year and 2 to 2.5 years a health and development review. This is a chance to tell us any concerns you have about your child’s health, growth and behaviour. We use the Ages and Stages (ASQ) and Ages and Stages Social and Emotional ( ASQ SE) questionnaires to help these assessments, and will share with you before the appointment.

If there are any concerns, we may monitor these, or refer you to specialist services who can provide further assessment and support.

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School nurses

Our School Nursing teams work in different areas across Waltham Forest and are aligned to the borough's wards.

How is the service offered?

We're currently offering our service via virtual (video) contacts and in person dependent on individual needs. Appointments are available for babies and children for weight and growth review in one of our centres.  Please do not come to a clinic unless you have one. 

How can you contact us?

If you need to get in touch, you can call all our teams using our Single Point of Access number: 0300 300 1970 or by email:

See our website: NELFT NHS health visitors information

We're also on Facebook: