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Child Development Services

The centre provides clinic appointments and continuous treatment and support for children with developmental disorders aged 0-19. This is either based at Wood Street or in the local Special Schools, for children who attend those schools.

Wood Street has specialist paediatricians who provide prevention, identification, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and support for children and families with complex health needs. They also perform various statutory duties around child protection, medical advice for special educational needs.

The Waltham Forest Community Paediatric service provides a range of specialist clinics for children:

  • Social and Communication assessment Clinic for assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders for children under 5. (SACC) (link Autism page) Children over 5 are seen by our CAMHS for the over 5s diagnostic services
  • Assessment and management of children aged 0 to 19 with complex physical and learning needs. This includes visual and hearing impairment, movement disorders, such as, cerebral palsy, and other neuro-disabilities 
  • Visual Impairment multi-disciplinary service for children and young people aged 0 to 19
  • Multi-disciplinary assessment of motor and movement disorders for children and young people aged 0 to 19
  • Assessment and follow up of children and young people aged 0-19 years with genetic conditions such as Down syndrome


Referrals to the team come from health, education and social care professionals, GPs, Health Visitors and school nurses as well as Specialist Hospitals.

You can find our referral form here:

The specialist health teams also based at Wood Street include:

  • Community Children’s nurses: A team of nurses with experience of working with children with complex health needs
  • Audiology: Specialists  in hearing problems links
  • Dietician: provides support and advise on food, diet and nutrition links
  • Speech and Language therapists: provide support for speech, language, and communication development
  • Physiotherapists: Work with children to help them with sitting, moving, and walking
  • Occupational therapists: work with children to help them develop everyday skills such as dressing, writing , playing
  • Child and Adolescent Mental health services (CAMHS): a team of nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists who provide mental health assessment, treatment  and support

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Child Development Services

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