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Support before starting at an Early Years setting

All children will be offered targeted or specialist packages to support their learning and development before starting at an early years setting.

Children whose parent/carers or professionals have concerns about their learning and development, but are not yet known to specialist children health services, will receive targeted support from Children and Family Centres.

Children who are known to specialist children health services will be offered a package of support based on the child’s individual learning and development needs. This will include either: 

  • Home learning sessions – An Early Years Inclusion Practitioner will visit a child’s and families home. They will work with parent/carers to create an individual plan they can do at home to support their child’s learning through practical play activities.
  • Inclusion learning groups – Families will be invited to attend fun, interactive sessions for their children led by Early Years Inclusion Practitioners. They will work with parents/carers to develop their child’s learning. It will also provide an opportunity for parent/carers to meet each other.

Once parents/carers decide it's time for their child to start at an early years setting, support will be offered to them to help them choose an early years setting and support their child’s transition.