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Who can exclude a pupil and for what reasons?

Only the Headteacher has the power to exclude a pupil, or in his/her absence the acting head.

Reasons for exclusion are:

  • For disciplinary reasons only
  • Breaking the school's behaviour policy (all schools must have a behaviour policy setting out what the school rules are)

All exclusions must be lawful, reasonable and fair. Permanent exclusion should only be used as a last resort.

Can a pupil be excluded for their behaviour off school property?

Yes, pupils can be excluded for behaviour outside school but this should be in line with the school’s behaviour policy. This will include:

  • Behaviour on school trips
  • When in uniform
  • On the way to and from school
  • Any behaviour which may bring the school into dispute

Unofficial exclusions

All exclusions must follow the correct procedure and be recorded as exclusions. It is unlawful just to send a child home, even if parents or carers agree.