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Cycling and walking to school

Encouraging young people and children to cycle and walk to school will keep them fit.

Last updated: 9 May 2022

We will enable more children, teachers and parents to walk or cycle to school by:

  • Developing safer and more convenient routes to school
  • Improving facilities within schools such as cycle parking.

By doing this, we are promoting:

Healthier children - active travel like walking or cycling is good for physical health and can reduce childhood obesity.

Safer children - by looking at how children travel to school and taking steps to improve their safety

Improved learning - active travel can boost children’s academic performance as it improves concentration and classroom behaviour

Traffic congestion and parking - 'school run' vehicles create serious traffic congestion, parking problems and make roads dangerous. Promoting alternatives can help ease this

Environment - fewer vehicles on the road means cleaner air quality and lower carbon emissions