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National Offer Day reception

National Offer Day was on 19 April 2022. This is the date applicants who applied by the closing date received the results of their application.

This information was sent by email on the evening of 19 April 2022. For paper applications received by the closing date, a letter was posted first class on 19 April 2022.

The following document shows How places were offered for reception in 2022.

If we were unable to offer any of your preferred schools, we allocated a place at the school nearest to your home which had available space.  If you wish to decline the alternative offer, please refer to the above document, which lists those schools in Waltham Forest with available places on National Offer Day.  If you decide another school with places would better meet your child’s needs, please contact school admissions at to request a change for your child’s alternative school offer. However, please note that we cannot guarantee a place at a particular school.

Your child’s name is automatically placed on the waiting list for any higher ranked Waltham Forest schools that we were unable to offer.

 Any changes you would like to make to your school preferences must be made on a Change of Preference form.  Please note that you will only be able to change your school preferences twice after the closing date.  If we are able to offer you a place based on your change of preference, we will write to you and, once you have accepted the new offer, your original offer will be withdrawn.