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Regeneration in Waltham Forest

An overview of how Waltham Forest is transforming.

Last updated: 28 April 2023

Next review: 28 April 2024

Waltham Forest has diverse and vibrant high streets and a rich history as an industrial zone with exciting opportunities to work with neighbouring Boroughs, local businesses, landowners and stakeholders to improve and create new places that work for everyone. 

The Area Regeneration team focuses on improving our industrial areas and high streets, building on the skills and knowledge of local people. Its success   depends on working with local people and our partners to deliver projects and initiatives which make our borough a better place to live, work and play. 

In response to the Covid-19 crisis we are re-imagining the role and function of our places to ensure they attract investment, deliver high-quality housing, employment and infrastructure and are fit to meet the needs of our residents and businesses.

One of the Council’s four key priorities identified in our Public Service Corporate Strategy is to deliver 15-minute neighbourhoods.

The Council already has an impressive track record of delivering the Mini Holland/Enjoy Waltham Forest active travel programme and will be building on this success.  We have carried out a first stage of public consultation, which received 1,200 responses in January 2022 and we will be carrying out more extensive public engagement during spring/summer 2022 to better understand our residents’ views of how successfully their local area currently delivers on the 15-minute neighbourhood ambition.