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Capital Investment Strategy 2021 to 2025/26

Download the strategy and see how investment is transforming the borough.

In October 2020 the Council adopted the Public Service Strategy, a new and radical direction for Waltham Forest, setting out how we plan to tackle the immediate challenges faced by residents, businesses and communities through the Covid-19 pandemic. The strategy has been developed through extensive consultation and inspired by the views of our residents.

The Public Service Strategy makes the best use of the Borough’s unique strengths and assets – both people and physical – building upon our track record of success which saw us awarded MJ Council of the Year in 2019 and London’s first ever Borough of Culture. The strategy sets out four key priorities, each underpinned by a five-point plan, which shape the Council and everything it does.

Our Public Service Strategy priorities:

  • Connecting people with jobs
  • Safe and healthy lives
  • Our 15-minute neighbourhood
  • Confidence in our future.

These four priorities are at the heart of the capital investment portfolio, which invests more than £524.5m in new homes, improvements to council housing, school places, economic growth and regeneration, transport infrastructure, health and community investments and major corporate property initiatives, supporting the Councils growth strategy in the coming years.

Capital Investment Strategy 2020/21 to 2025/26

Download the strategy

The Capital Investment Strategy 2020/21 to 2025/26 sets out:

  • How the agreed capital investment portfolio is aligned with and contributes to the delivery of the Council’s Public Service Strategy and its priorities, supporting economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19. It also recognises emerging priorities which could shape future delivery plans
  • Provides an updated profile of the Borough’s population, housing, employment and other features;
  • Reports progress and successes in the delivery of the rolling investment portfolio in 2020/21 and confirms plans for future years, 2021-2025/26
  • An updated multi-year budget forecast, reported to Cabinet as part of the annual Budget setting process
  • A presentation on the return on investment we aim to deliver through the capital investment portfolio
  • The funding strategy for the capital investment portfolio, presented to Cabinet as part of its budget, and
  • Details the delivery assurance framework in place to support strategic planning and delivery of the capital investment portfolio.