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Telling you about planning applications

We are required by law to publicise certain types of planning applications. Find out how we keep residents updated.

Last updated: 6 January 2022

We must publicise certain types of planning applications and other related consents by putting up a site notice for at least 21 days.

The notice must be placed on or near the land the application relates to, and be clearly visible. This can be in the window of the property if it can be seen from the street. Any external notices, on a lamp post or fence for example, should be laminated or inside clear plastic.

We also send neighbouring residents consultation letters by post.

How we let you know about planning applications

  • notifying neighbours: we send letters to neighbours whose property is next to the site, and nearby residents who may be affected by the development
  • a site notice may be put up near to the site
  • press notice: we publish a notice in the local press for specific types of applications (major, listed building consent, applications in conservation areas)
  • we publish it online: on the planning applications register

We may also ask external organisations such as the Environment Agency and Transport for London for their views on a development. If the site is near the boundary with another London borough, we may also consult that borough.

Some applications may not follow all of the methods above. This will depend on the type of application submitted and the development proposal. For more information, read the Statement of Community Involvement (PDF)

Anyone can comment on a planning application. Tin find out more, see how to comment on a planning application.