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Eco Home - 47 Greenleaf Road

A retrofit property and our first ever eco show home.

What we did

Waltham Forest Council appointed partners Aston Group to manage the retrofit of a council owned property, into its first-ever eco show home. 47 Greenleaf Road is a typical Victorian terrace built in 1902. 

The annual heat demand from this home is estimated to fall from 17,219kWh to 7,995kWh per year.  And its EPC banding will rise from E to A.

Read details on the retrofit fact sheet (PDF) and the white paper (PDF).

Come and see the eco home

Over the next six to twelve months we will be hosting a range of open days and engagement events including tours of the property. 

To help Landlords and Letting Agents prepare for proposed changes to energy efficiency requirements in the Private Rented Sector, the Council have arranged free Eco Show Home open evenings on the 26 May and 23 June from 4pm to 8pm specifically for Landlords and Letting agents (who manage or let properties inside or outside of Waltham Forest). Attendees will receive a guided tour delivered by an officer from the Housing Service, and a Service Manager and Officer from the Private Rented Sector Licensing Service. Whilst on the tour, you can receive information on the grants and financial incentives available to help with the cost of retrofit, as well as ask questions.

Get involved in the project

Register as a volunteer

Are you passionate about tackling climate change? Do you want to help ensure residents have somewhere safe and comfortable to call home?

We are looking for volunteers who would like to learn more about this project and be part of the team that welcomes and guides visitors during the open days. Volunteers will receive training to support
a couple of open days over the eight month engagement programme.


Here in Waltham Forest, the Council has been taking steps to address the climate emergency for years.

Some of what we have achieved include:

  • Created 31 pocket parks
  • Planted 5,589 in the last 2 years alone
  • Give away 6,000 trees to schoolchildren this year
  • Increased life expectancy by 6 weeks of children born today
  • Secured £1.7m from Government to retrofit 200 homes
  • Built 41km of new cycle track
  • Built 550 new bike hangars
  • Installed 206 public access vehicle charging points
  • Invested £4.5 m on Suntrap Education Centre in Epping Forest
  • Delivered 143,000 parcels through our Zero Emission Delivery Service

However to meet a net zero target by 2030, future initiatives must go further and use innovative technologies.

What is ‘net zero?’

According to the Carbon Saving Trust, it means Achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, and the carbon removed from it. This balance – or net zero – will happen when the amount of carbon we add to the atmosphere is no more than the amount removed.

A report published by Waltham Forest Council in 2019 highlighted that:

  • 51% of the borough’s carbon emissions were generated by residential homes
  • 14.6% of homes in the area were fuel poor households
  • 70% of Waltham Forest’s 107,216 homes pre-date 1944

New-build properties with energy-efficient technology are only part of the solution, so it’s vital to find a way to reduce carbon emissions from existing homes, through retrofitting.

Waltham Forest Council appointed partners Aston Group to manage the retrofit of a council owned property, into its first-ever eco show home. 47 Greenleaf Road as a typical Victorian terrace built in 1902 with a poor energy performance.

What is a retrofit?

A retrofit is the process of reducing older buildings emissions by introducing new materials and modern, fuel efficient technologies, which help manage energy usage.

Resources and ideas to replicate our Eco Home

Aston Group have put together guides to demonstrate what they did to improve energy efficiency in each part of the Eco Home.