Problems paying your rent


Every now and then we all have problems with money. It’s normal.

If you’re having trouble paying your rent or bills, we can help you.

Get in touch with the Income Maximisation Team today. They can support you with debt and money advice. 

If you’re a council tenant or leaseholder and you need some financial support, the Income Maximisation Team can help you with:

  • debt and money advice
  • help with maximising your income
  • support with your benefits
  • advice finding work
  • help moving to a smaller property

Contact the team today, before money becomes a problem.

Phone 020 8496 4197


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There are some other organisations who can give you support about financial/ debt advice.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

For free impartial advice you can view the Citizen’s Advice debt and money webpage here.

Energy advice

Find out if you can get more affordable gas and electricity bills by switching supplier. 

Search online for ‘Switch my energy supplier’

Adult Learning Service

Get support to improve your work skills, visit the Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service