Support for care homes

2 June 2020

Helen Whately MP, appointed Minister of State for Care has announced an additional £600 million to support providers through a new Infection Control Fund to help aid fight against coronavirus. With Waltham Forest scheduled to receive just over £1,343,000 to support local care homes.

In a detailed response to the Minister of Care our Chief Executive for the London Borough of Waltham Forest Martin Esom, outlined plans for the funding, continuing to support care homes and in partnership with our health colleagues in Waltham Forest and East London (WEL) CCGs.

Additional funding

Waltham Forest is scheduled to receive just over £1,343,000 to support local care homes.  A support plan is required to account for this funding. The primary aim of the funding is to support care homes with infection prevention and control, and with challenges around staffing.

  • We have 48 care homes including 12 residential and 3 nursing homes for older people that range from 84 beds in our largest nursing home to 15 beds in the smallest residential home, and 33 specialist care homes for either mental health or learning disabilities that range in size from 3 to 19 beds.
  • 75% of the funding is required to be passed directly to the homes which will equal just over £1000 per bed.
  • The Council will retain the other 25% (£336k) of funding to implement borough wide support in partnership with colleagues in health

How the funding will be allocated

Care Homes will:

  • Meet infection control costs such as PPE
  • Use funding for staff training in use of PPE and infection control
  • Meet the cost of paying staff who are absent from work
  • Meet the costs of agency staff
  • Ensure that staff are not having to work in multiple care homes – increasing the risk of infection
  • Covering staff travel costs to avoid public transport, or covering the cost of hotel accommodation so that they can be close to work rather than self-isolating at home

The Council and its partners will:

  • Enhance the capacity of the WEL CCG infection control team, ensuring dedicated support for Waltham Forest care homes
  • Secure a stockpile of PPE so that any outbreak in care homes can be immediately supported
  • Strengthen other clinical support services such as rapid response and the frailty team – again to increase the level of support to all Waltham Forest Care Homes
  • Provide parity of support by diverting some of the funding to other “at risk” groups of providers

More information

Further details on our response to supporting care homes