Pollution control: Construction


Noise, dust and other nuisances from construction works

Construction and building works inevitably can cause disturbance to people living, working and passing by a construction site. The Council expects developers and contractors to plan and undertake works in such a way as to minimise adverse impacts from the works as far as possible. The Council has enforcement powers that it can use where unreasonable disturbance is caused by building activities.

Where planning permission is required for a development, the Council may attach conditions and informative to decision notices regarding construction related matters.

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Commercial construction works that result in noise outside the development site boundary should only be carried out during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00
  • Saturday 08.00 to13.00
  • Sundays and bank holidays: no works

There are certain exceptions where work may be carried out outside these hours, including:

  • Emergency utility works
  • Railway works necessitating track closures
  • Highway works on major traffic routes

DIY works undertaken by people in their own homes can be undertaken at any reasonable time but should have regard to disturbance that may be caused to neighbours.

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Companies intending to carry out extended work may apply in advance for permission for the methods by which these works are to be carried out or to extend the hours of work.

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Dust from construction and demolition sites is a significant source of particulate pollution in London, and also can cause nuisance in the vicinity of development sites. The Council expects to see the highest level of controls in place to minimise dust emissions from construction sites, in line with the Mayor of London’s supplementary planning guidance, ‘The control of dust and emissions during construction and demolition’.