What we're doing to help rough sleepers


COVID-19 update

During this period of crisis the Council has been working to ensure that rough sleepers are taken off the streets and out of the Waltham Forest night shelter and secured safe, self-contained accommodation for them, including some hotel rooms.

For homelessness issues please contact

Our dedicated outreach team continue to work hard during the COVID-19 outbreak to reach any more rough sleepers in Waltham Forest and make the offer of help.

If residents are concerned about a person they think may be sleeping rough in their neighbourhood, please use the Tell Streetlink smartphone app to connect them with support services. 

We run a public facing awareness campaign from November to February.  The number of people sleeping on our streets is increasing. During the winter months rough

sleepers will face additional health risks.

The average life expectancy of someone sleeping rough is currently only 47 years.

What support is there for rough sleepers in Waltham Forest?

We work all year round to get rough sleepers off the streets and into secure accommodation. 

We have a commissioned an outreach team who work 365 days of the year to seek out rough sleepers and offer them support and emergency accommodation. 

Are you sleeping rough or worried about someone that is?

In Waltham Forest there are a number of agencies and accommodation providers offering advice, support and shelter to get rough sleepers off the streets. 

These include:

What happens during cold weather?

There is a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) in Waltham Forest. It comes into force during periods of severe weather (0°c or below). It  provides emergency shelter to all rough sleepers.