Report a pothole


You can use the form on this page to report a pothole or surface defect on a road or pavement.

Please tell us:

  • the location of the pothole - including the street name and the nearest house number or another reference point (for example, distance from a junction or the number on the nearest lamp column​)
  • approximately how long, wide and deep the pothole is

Report a pothole

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One of our highway supervisors will visit the location. They will look at the size, depth, location and likely risk to pedestrians and road users. From this they will prioritise the pothole for repair to these timescales:

  • we aim to repair the highest risk potholes within 24 hours
  • lesser risk potholes are generally repaired within seven days
  • the rest are repaired within six weeks, by routine patching works or our planned highways maintenance programme

You can make a claim for damage or injury due to a pothole of defect on the surface of the road or pavement.

To make a claim, you will need to first report the pothole using the same online form. 

Report a pothole and claim

Once you've submitted the report, we'll send you an email to let you know that a claim form is being sent to you.

If you haven't received the claim form within 10 days, please email the address given in your acknowledgment email. 

Please note, we may supply the information you provide to our insurers.

They will pass your information to these agencies for checking and to prevent fraudulent claims:

  • Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register, run by Insurance Database Services Limited
  • Motor Insurance Anti Fraud and Theft Register, run by the Association of British Insurers

If you don't have access to a computer, you can visit a Library Plus branch where you can use a self-service PC to log your request/report. Staff are available to support you if you need it.​​​​​​​