For developers and managing agents: bins for your properties


Who is responsible for providing bins?

The organisation of bins is the responsibility of the developer or managing agent.

It is the responsibility of the developer or managing agent to make the council aware of when residents are moving into the property. This must be done no later than two weeks before the moving date.

When planning permission for a new build property is requested, the council will inform the developer or managing agent what the suitable number of bins to be provided is and that an appropriate storage area must be developed to accommodate these.

Please note that communal refuse and recycling bins cannot be purchased from The Council but can be leased instead. 

For more information on this and independent procurement of bins please read our refuse and recycling guidance.

Properties that do not have suitable bins may not be entitled to the council's refuse and recycling collection service.

Enforcement action may be taken under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and / or other relevant legislation.

We will not empty any bin or receptacle other than those we have preapproved. Please refer to the planning guidance for clarification.

Bulk refuse and recycling bins can be hired from the Council, please email with details of your requirements. Prices will be confirmed upon request.

The council has a standard food waste housing unit and bin that will be provided to developers free of charge. Please refer to the planning guidance for clarification.

Wheeled bins must be ordered from the Council. Please contact


Food and Garden Waste - Brown 140ltr or 240ltr
Recycling - Green 140ltr or 240ltr
Refuse - Black 140ltr

Should you wish to purchase your own bins for your properties instead of getting them from the Council you will need to provide, maintain and replace them as necessary yourself to the council’s current specification regarding type, numbers and location. Please see the refuse and recycling guidance for advice on what specifications you need to adhere to.  

On purchase of any 1280, 1100 or 660 litre bins you must ensure that the position of the comb bar adheres to the dimensions outlined in the drawing below (all measurements in millimetres). This is to ensure it can be emptied safely by the collection crew.

Please email for any questions regarding the purchase of your own bins. These will need to be approved to ensure that the bins adhere to current specifications. 

Once your bins that you have purchased have arrived at your property please arrange a site visit with the Waste Team so that they can attend the site to schedule the bins for collection.

At least 4 weeks before residents move into your development you need to email our Waste Team to make arrangements for waste and recycling collections.

We need the following information:

  • The name of the Managing Agent of the development;
  • The contact details of the Managing Agent (full address, contact number, email address);
  • The full address(es) of the development;
  • The number of dwellings;
  • Any important information on accessing the site (particularly if construction is still ongoing);
  • The dates when the dwellings are being occupied;
  • Details on the location of any bin stores. If you have a site plan showing these please provide it;
  • If you require the Council to supply bins (at a cost to you) or if you are buying your own bins.
  • If you are buying your own bins please consult the Councils’ Waste Team once reading our ‘Ordering bins independently’ guidance on this page.

A representative from the Waste Team will need to conduct a site visit of your development as early as possible to evaluate access and bin storage capacity. If access to the bins will require a key or electronic fob you will need to supply copies of these.

Change of access Click to get info

If the access to the bin store has changed; you will need to let the Council’s Waste Team know to ensure collections are not affected.

Email and provide the following information:

  • full address of the block
  • confirm current access
  • confirm new access
  • When will the new access be in effect

You may need to provide copies of keys/fobs but this can be discussed with the team.

Example of changes that you need to let us know about:

  • a new gate
  • a new code
  • or new locks