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Find out about dog control orders

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (CNEA) gives us the power to tackle irresponsible dog ownership and has replaced the legislation for dog fouling.

The 5 Dog Control Orders (DCOs) are:

  1. Failing to clean up after your dog
  2. Dog free areas
  3. Keeping a dog on a lead at all times
  4. Putting a dog on a lead when asked to do so
  5. Restricting the number of dogs that can be walked at a time

The council has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Dog Control Orders.

Dog fouling

It is an offence to fail to clean up after your dog on all land that the public has access to.

See the order for dog fouling.

Dog exclusion areas

You cannot take your dog into areas where they are specifically prohibited. This will include children's play areas, or spaces with signage indicating that dogs are prohibited.

See the dog exclusion orders.

Dogs on leads

This order requires dogs to be kept on leads at all times.

See the dogs on leads order.

Dogs on leads by direction

This order gives authorised officers the power to ask for a dog to be put on a lead in situations where they are not under the appropriate control of their owner or where they are causing damage or acting aggressively towards other dogs or park users.

See the putting dogs on leads when asked to do so order.

Places where dogs can be walked off the lead

  • Ainslie Wood, Ainslie Wood Road, E4
  • Cambrian Gardens, Capworth Street, E10
  • Chase Lane Park, York Road, E4
  • Cheney Row, Billet Road, E17
  • Chestnuts Fields - behind Town Hall, Forest Road, E17
  • Epping Forest
  • Higham Hill Recreation Ground, Sutton Road, E17 (Designated Dog exercise area)
  • Kitchener Road Park, Kitchener Road, E17
  • Knotts Green, Leyton Green Road, E10
  • Larkswood Playing Fields, Larkswood Road, E4
  • Lee Valley Playing Fields, Waltham Way, E4
  • Lee Valley Park
  • Lloyd Park E17 (Designated dog exercise area)
  • Mallinson Park Woods, High Road, Woodford Green
  • Jubilee Park, off Church Lane, E10
  • Mansfield Park, Mansfield Hill E4 (Designated dog exercise area)
  • Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, Kings Road, E4
  • River Lea towpath
  • The Highams Park, Keynsham Avenue, Woodford Green
  • The Linear Park, Grove Green Road, E11
  • Wadham Avenue Open Space, Wadham Avenue, E17

Dog walking limits

Under this order no one may walk more than 6 dogs by themselves at one time

See the maximum number of dogs that can be taken onto land order