Last updated: 2 January 2024

Next review: 2 April 2024

Children and adults cycling

We have launched our new neighbourhoods approach, setting out a new vision for residents, councillors and staff that proudly celebrates our local neighbourhoods. We’re bringing support services closer to resident’s homes, making Waltham Forest a more inclusive and accessible place for everyone.

This new approach focuses on our 15-Minute Neighbourhoods model and is our response to the challenging times we are all facing. We want our communities to be more empowered, to lead and self-organise, and have the confidence to make the positive change they want to see.    

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15 minute neighbourhoods 

15-Minute Neighbourhoods are places where people can easily reach most, if not all, of the facilities, experiences and activities they need daily, within a short walk, wheel, or cycle from home. We believe 15-Minute Neighbourhoods will lead to healthier, happier and fairer communities. 

Local people know their neighbourhoods best and we want everyone to have more of a say over the places in which they live and the services they use. Over the last year, we have spoken with thousands of residents from across the borough, listening to and understanding diverse experiences, and exploring people’s desires for 15-Minute Neighbourhoods.  

Read the report on the research and engagement to develop 15-Minute Neighbourhoods in Waltham Forest.

We will build a fairer and more equal borough with 15-Minute Neighbourhoods at the heart of our work – and everybody has a part to play. 

Our new neighbourhoods approach focuses on three core themes:  

  • Everyone taking part and fulfilling their potential  

  • Everyone benefitting from shared prosperity  

  • Shaping the borough together  

Our priorities 

To achieve this, we will be focusing on four key areas: 

Making streets safer  

Working in partnership with Waltham Forest Metropolitan Police teams, we will create more welcoming and safer neighbourhoods for residents. This work includes pop up police stations and empowering residents to report anti-social behaviour and crime in their local neighbourhoods.  

Find out about Safe Streets 

Becoming net-zero by 2030  

We want to achieve our climate action plan and make Waltham Forest a greener, more sustainable borough. Part of this has involved helping residents reduce their energy bills and making their homes more energy efficient. 

Read about our Climate Action Plan 

Launching a new Family Hubs programme 

Our new Family Hubs programme will bring accessible support services to families close to home. This will include improving the family journey to access services such as family support, wellbeing, health, learning activities, and safe spaces for young people in the borough. 

Read about our Family Hubs programme  

Tackling health inequality 

We will work towards the recommendations set out by the Marmot Institute in their recent research project for our borough. We aim to create a fairer and healthier Waltham, closing the gap between the increased 7-year life expectancy in the south of the borough, compared to the north.  

Read about a Fair and Healthier Waltham Forest 

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