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Lane and alley gating

Erecting gates to the ends of alleyways and passages to prevent crime.

Alley gating is a very simple crime prevention measure that involves erecting gates to the ends of alleyways and passages that are the responsibility of the homeowners who live around them.


  • Reduces opportunities for the congregation, crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Fewer problems of dog fouling by stray dogs
  • Safe play areas for children
  • Improved community spirit giving a sense of ownership of the alleys

How to proceed

You need to contact the council to confirm that the alley does not form part of the public highway, and also to check whether or not there are any public rights of ways or presumed rights of way over the land.

You also need to get full agreement from all affected residents and make arrangements to cover all costs incurred in the purchasing, erecting and ongoing maintenance of the gating. If applicable, an arrangement for access for refuse collection vehicles needs to be managed by the residents after the erection of the gates.

Public Realm

London Borough of Waltham Forest

Argall Avenue


E10 7AS