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Plant a tree for the Jubilee

Request a free tree for planting season.

As part of the Councils response to the climate emergency, we would like to give every resident in the borough the opportunity to plant a free tree in their own gardens or nearby greenspaces (with permission).

Following the success of last year’s tree giveaway, where the Council supported Waltham Forest residents to plant almost 2,000 trees, this year the tree giveaway will support The Queen’s Green Canopy, Plant a Tree for the Jubilee.

In November 2022, you will be able to collect your own tree at pick up points across Waltham Forest. The eight trees on offer are available for review before you apply for a tree (PDF).

The young trees are only 50-100cm tall and bare root when we give them to you, so collection is very easy and doesn’t need any special transport. If you do not own a property you could consider asking your landlord, Estate Management or Housing Officer if you can gain permission to plant in their grounds.

By processing this request you are confirming you have permission to plant the tree. Keep checking the trees web page for updates and collection details as the planting season nears.

After submitting this form the next step is for our team to work with our supplier to get your tree, ready for November 2022. We will contact you before collection to let you know when your tree is available.

Please note this is a collections service only.