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Become a mental health champion

When someone with experience of mental health problems tells their story, it can help challenge stigma around this issue.

Last updated: 4 October 2022

'Time to Change' hubs are networks of local organisations and people committed to tackling negative attitudes and behaviours towards those experiencing mental health problems.

Become a 'Time to Change' champion

We're looking for people who have experience of mental health problems to become 'Time to Change' champions. We want them to use their experience to change how people think and act about mental health. 

To become a champion or to find out more about our campaign, please contact Waltham Forest hub co-ordinator, Chris O’Sullivan at or Champions Action Group Co-ordinator, Jon Salmon at

What the champions would do

We want you to feel confident about holding meaningful conversations with people who haven’t had this experience. This will help challenge their misconceptions around mental health.

To help you do this, you’ll receive training from the national 'Time to Change' campaign. You'll also get continuous support from the local champions’ network and hub co-ordinator.

As a champion, you can contribute as much, or as little, time as you wish. To help you prepare for this, free training is available including sessions on “Speaking Out” and “Challenging Stigma and Discrimination”. You will also receive ongoing support from the local champions’ network and the hub co-ordinator. 

Champion fund

The Champions Fund is money set aside to help the champions challenge mental health stigma in their communities by holding an activity or taking part in an existing event. 

Each applicant can apply for up to £500.

The funding must be used to spark conversations between people who have experienced mental health problems and those who have not.

To apply for funding, applicants must:

  • be registered as a Time to Change champion - (Contact Chris O’Sullivan to register – or go to and register online
  • be over 18 years
  • have a personal experience of a mental health issue or be a carer, friend or relative of someone who has mental illness
  • ideally we would like you to complete the “Speaking Out” training (contact Chris to find out how to register and when courses are running or book direct via
  • live in Waltham Forest

You can apply anytime from now until May 2022 for funding.

All applicants will be contacted once applications have been assessed by the Waltham Forest Time to Change hub local panel. 

Employer's pledge

We are also proud to launch our Time to Change Employer pledge. This outlines our commitment as an employer to support mental health and wellbeing, and have a positive attitude to mental health at work. 

We promise to ensure that no one is made to feel isolated or alone for having a mental health problem. We will also support all our staff to speak openly about mental health and wellbeing.

As part of the pledge we committed to:

  • reviewing all mental health relevant policies by March 2020
  • increasing awareness of the services and support on offer to our staff and residents around mental health and wellbeing
  • providing mental health first aid, awareness and resilience training to staff and managers

For more information, please contact: