War memorials

There are several war memorials/rolls of honour you can visit across the borough. Find out where they are.

Last updated: 19 January 2023

There are several war memorials/rolls of honour across the borough to commemorate those who died fighting for their country. You can visit the memorials at:


  • Chingford: On the corner of Kings Head Hill / Ridgeway, and in Memorial Park Chingford Mount Road
  • Chingford: Cross of Sacrifice at Chingford Mount Cemetery
  • Chingford: Memorial Garden at Chingford Mount Cemetery
  • Walthamstow: The main cenotaph is in front of the Assembly Hall. There is a Cross of Sacrifice in Queens Road cemetery
  • Leyton: On the back edge of the footpath at the TA Centre, Whipps Cross Road
  • Leytonstone: Harrow Green cenotaph, Harrow Green
  • Leytonstone: St Patrick's Roman Catholic cemetery

See the location map of war memorials (PDF)

If you know of any other war memorials in the borough, email: Neighbourhoods@walthamforest.gov.uk

Please report any memorials that have been defaced by graffiti.