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School term and holiday dates

Last updated 20 April 2015

School calendar for 2014-15

These are details of the London Borough of Waltham Forest Standard School Calendar for the academic year 2014-2015. Please note that these are the dates set by the local authority and do not include inset days, which are taken at the schools' discretion. For details of individual school holiday dates please contact the school. (schools list)

School year calendar dates for Waltham Forest schools are set and agreed by the Cabinet on an annual basis after consulting with schools, professional associations and the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE).

The school year dates for 2014/15 do not include any fixed closures for religious holidays, but governing bodies may choose to close for these after consulting with their school communities.

Autumn Term 2014 - 74 Days

First Half (39 Days)
Start - Tuesday 2 September 2014
End -  Friday 24 October 2014

Half Term: Monday 27 October 2014 - Friday 31 October 2014

Second Half (35 Days)
Start - Monday 3 November 2014
End - Friday 19 December 2014

Spring Term 2015 - 59 Days

First Half (30 Days)
Start - Monday 5 January 2015
End - Friday 13 February 2015

Half Term: Monday 16 February 2015 - Friday 20 February 2015

Second Half (29 Days)
Start - Monday 23 February 2015
End - Thursday 2 April 2015

Good Friday - Friday 3 April 2015
Easter Monday - Monday 6 April 2015
Easter Holiday: -Tuesday 7 April 2015 - Friday 17 April 2015

Summer Term 2015 - 62 Days

First Half (24 Days)
Start - Monday 20 April 2015
End - Friday 22 May 2015

Half Term: Monday 25 May 2015 - Friday 29 May 2015

May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 4 May 2015
Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 25 May 2015

Second Half (38 Days)
Start - Monday 1 June 2015
End -Wednesday 22 July 2015

This calendar gives a total of 195 days (190 pupil days plus 5 inset days).

School Calendar for 2015-16

Currently Local Authorities hold a statutory duty to set school term dates and holiday dates for community, voluntary controlled, community special schools and maintained nurseries in its area. Within foundation, voluntary aided and foundation special schools, this duty rests with the governing bodies, but usually they choose to adopt the same dates as the Local Authority.  

As of September 2015, this statutory duty is set to be removed from Local Authorities and schools will be able to set their own school term and holiday dates.

However, at a Cabinet meeting on the 9th December 2014 ( it was agreed, following consultation with schools and SACRE that Waltham Forest Council will continue to provide annual guidance to schools on recommended term dates for schools to consider. The aim of this annual guidance is to help provide stability and consistency to educational settings, parents and carers across the borough.

Autumn Term 2015 - 74 Days

First Half (39 Days)
Start - Tuesday 1st September 2015
End -  Friday 23rd October 2015

Half Term: Monday 26 October 2015 - Friday 30 October 2015

Second Half (35 Days)
Start - Monday 2nd  November 2015 
End - Friday 18th  December 2015

Spring Term 2016 – 54 Days

First Half (30 Days)
Start - Monday 4th  January 2016 
End - Friday 12th  February 2016

Half Term: Monday 15th  February 2016 - Friday 19th February 2016

Second Half (24 Days)
Start - Monday 22nd  February 2016
End - Thursday 24th  March 2016

Good Friday - Friday 25th  March 2016
Easter Monday - Monday 28th March 2016
Easter Holiday -Tuesday 29th March 2016 - Friday 8th April 2016

Summer Term 2016 - 67 Days

First Half (34 Days)
Start - Monday 11th  April 2016
End - Friday 27th  May 2016

Half Term: Monday 30th May 2016 - Friday 3rd June 2016

May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 2nd  May 2016
Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 30th  May 2016

Second Half (33 Days)
Start - Monday 6th June 2016 
End - Wednesday 20th July 2016

This proposed calendar gives a total of 195 days. A maximum of 5 inset days can be deducted to ensure that schools meet their statutory obligation to open for 190 pupil days.

Schools retain the option to vary the standard school year by closing to allow celebration of up to three religious festivals that occur on a weekday in term time after consulting with their local school communities. Provision must be made elsewhere in the school year to ensure that the school is open for the statutory number of days to pupils

Past school calendars

We have archived for information only the school calendar for

Academic year 2010/11 (17KB PDF file)

Academic year 2011/12 (50KB PDF file)

Academic year 2012/13 (44KB PDF file)

Academic year 2013/14 (43KB PDF file)


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