Last updated: 24 July 2023

Community-led housing

Community-led housing in Waltham Forest

Community-led housing is developed by, with, for, and controlled by community-led organisations.

There are different types of housing delivery methods, ownership, and management arrangements that meet the community-led housing criteria.

Council support for community-led housing

Waltham Forest Council recognises the role individuals and community groups can play in meeting their housing needs.

The Council has a community-led housing policy effective from April 2020. It sets out what qualifies as community-led housing (CLH). It also includes how the Council will support individuals and groups looking to meet their housing needs through community-led housing projects.

More information and support

More advice and support are available from a number of industry, regional and national organisations. This includes the London Community-Led Housing Hub supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

The government is supporting community-led housing through a Community Housing Fund, London is administered by the GLA.

Networking, news, and opportunities

The Council organises Community-led Housing group networking meetings, which usually take place every six months.

If you wish to attend one of the network meetings please email:

The next meeting date will be agreed upon when the COVID-19 emergency permits such meetings.

The Council will be making land and housing development opportunities available from time to time. Some of these will be specifically for community-led housing, while others will be more general regeneration and housing development opportunities.

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