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Funding to make energy-saving retrofit improvements to your home

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In Summer 2020, Government announced a £2bn Green Homes Grant scheme focused on retrofitting homes to improve their energy efficiency. £500m of this funding was made available to local authorities to target low income households living in energy inefficient homes to help reduce fuel poverty.

Waltham Forest Council successfully bid for and was awarded around £1.7m to retrofit some of its council stock and make grants available for private homes in the borough.

Our funding will provide grants for 200+ properties. Of these, we are aiming to retrofit:

  • 40 Council owned homes
  • 92 owner occupied (private) homes
  • 77 rented homes

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The Council’s scheme provides up to £10,000 per home for low-income owner-occupiers (below £40,000 household income) living in a home with an EPC rated E, F or G.

If you are a social or private landlord of a home rated E, F or G with a tenant earning under £40,000, you can obtain a lower subsidy of up to £5,000 (a contribution of one third will be required from the landlord).

If you don’t meet these criteria, you may still be eligible for a grant under the wider Government scheme. More information is available here.

If you think you meet the eligibility above, follow the steps below:

  1. Email the Servicestore to register your interest. Or you can call them directly on 020 8496 5525.
  2. Make sure you have the following details ready so that Servicestore can first check your eligibility for the funding scheme.
    1. Annual household income
    2. Energy Performance Certificate if your home has one.  This can be found online using the GOV.UK website.  
  3. If you meet the criteria, Servicestore will ask for some evidence, including
    1. Proof of ID
    2. Proof of income
    3. Proof of ownership
    4. Current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if you have one
    5. Where private landlord – proof of property licence from PRPL Team and check fit and proper status
  4. Once evidence is received, Servicestore will arrange a survey of your home to identify suitable improvement measures and get quotes for the works.

Installing energy efficient home improvements can help make your home warmer and more comfortable during the cold months, save you money on your energy bills, and also cuts emissions, which helps to fight against climate change.

Each household is expected to receive at least one large measure, typically external wall insulation, with flexibility to install further measures based on the survey of your property (e.g. draught proofing, LED bulbs, loft insulation etc) where funding allows.

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How do I know if I qualify?

If your household’s income is below £40,000 and your home has an energy performance certificate rated E, F or G, you may be eligible. Contact Service Store to find out and start the next steps. If you don’t know if your house has an Energy Performance Certificate, we can help you with this.

Do I have to own my home?

If you are a tenant, your landlord can access a grant to improve your home. Please speak to your landlord and ask them to get in touch with us.

When is the deadline to apply?

Our grant funding must be spent by 30 September 2021 and funding will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so get in touch with us as soon as possible.

I have a survey conducted but I don’t want to go ahead?

Before we carry out a survey, Servicestore will provide an overview of the potential improvement measures that may be suitable for your home to help you decide if you would be happy to have the works done. Should you decide not to go ahead with the proposed improvement measures after the survey has been carried out, we may ask you to cover some or all of the survey costs.

How long will works take?

This will depend on the type of measure installed in your home. For a large measure such as external wall insulation, works could take a week to complete.

Will the works be disruptive?

We will discuss with you the plan for the works before they start, however the level of disruption depends on what measures are being installed. If we are installing external wall insulation, the works will be completed on the outside of your home and will involve erecting scaffolding for a short period. Our installers will complete the works to a high standard and will aim to minimise disruption to you wherever possible.

Who will carry out the works?

We are working with a group of installers who have been contracted by ServiceStore. They are all Trustmark and PAS2030 accredited. All contracted suppliers have extensive experience in carrying out a range of energy efficiency improvement measures to homes. All installations will be delivered in accordance with PAS2030 standards and ECO3 delivery guidelines.

Is this expected to save me money in the long run? How much?

Yes, energy efficiency measures should help to reduce your fuel bills. The amount depends on the measures you have installed, the size and build type of your home and current bills.

As an example, wall insulation could help save between £145 to £800 a year on your fuel bills. Insulation will make your home feel warmer and more comfortable and can also help reduce external noise levels.