Families at the Heart of Our Place

Last updated: 15 November 2022

Next review: 15 November 2023

Our ambition

Resilient: We want our residents and communities to be able to adapt and recover from whatever challenges may come their way

Well: We want our community to feel as mentally, emotionally and physically well as they can. We will promote healthy behaviours and when people experience ill health, we will help them access the support they need.

Safe: We want Waltham Forest to be a safe place where people can flourish and be free from harm.

Connected: We want our community to feel a sense of belonging to, and pride for, the diverse place in which they live. We want everyone to feel valued, to have strong relationships with their neighbours and be able to contribute to their local community in a way that works for them.

Independent: We want local people to be equipped with the networks, skills, knowledge and resources they need to realise their ambitions.

We want all our residents be resilient and feel well, safe, connected and independent, no matter what your age or circumstances.