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Keeping children safe in Out of School Settings

Questions to ask an Out of School Setting

Here are some questions to consider asking an Out of School Setting:

  • Do all the staff and volunteers have a valid Disclosure Barring Service check (DBS)?
  • Who has overall responsibility for safeguarding and is there a copy of the organisation’s safeguarding policy?
  • Are the premises safe, for example are fire notices displayed?
  • Who is responsible for first aid?
  • Is there a parental consent and emergency contact form to complete?
  • Are the necessary building insurances in place, in date and available on request?

Responsibilities for providers of Out of School Settings 

It is the responsibility of all providers of Out of School Settings to safeguard children and young people.  Good governance is important to ensure there are clear processes.  Some Out-of-School Settings will be registered with the Charities Commission whilst others may have a management committee that supports the running of their setting.

Draft consultation by Department of Education