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Thank you for your interest in a career with Waltham Forest Council. Since 2010 we have reshaped our Borough to deliver savings, improve services and invest in the future. This has given us the foundation from which we are now able to radically change the way we work. We are rethinking our relationships with residents, staff, partners and businesses to shape our services and our collective future. This new approach is called ‘Creating Futures’. To deliver our Creating Futures vision we want people who will think big and take charge of a positive future for our Borough, shaped and delivered locally. 

Our ambition as an organisation is that everyone in Waltham Forest can lead a quality life. In order to achieve this we are focused on three clear priorities developed politically and driven by our residents:

  • Keep Waltham Forest clean and safe
  • Ensure a decent roof over residents’ heads
  • Improve residents’ life chances

To deliver these priorities against a backdrop of disruption the Council needs a new and ambitious corporate strategy to help it radically transform the way it works and how it provide services.

Creating Futures sets out how this will be achieved, with five driving principles that are intended to shape our council and everything we do:

  • Our unique strengths: A commitment to building on our borough’s strengths, making the most of the creativity and skills in our community, and our inspirational places.
  • Return on investment:  A relentless focus on getting the best return possible for our resources – financial or social.
  • People focussed:  Providing 21st century services that meet people’s needs.
  • New relationships: A new relationship with our communities to grow the role residents play in solving problems, making decisions and delivering services.
  • New ways of working: creating an agile Council that is digitally driven and more commercially minded.

We believe that the answers to the challenges facing us in a period of constant and unpredictable change can be generated by the talent and entrepreneurship which exists in Waltham Forest.  To access these talents, we will reframe our relationships with our communities and partners;  consider how we harnesses new technology for the greater good; and make the most of the borough’s amazing and unique assets.

Great progress has already been made in Waltham Forest in recent years with employment at an all-time high, high performing schools across the board, and average earnings rising higher than the London or national average. Between 2016 and 2017 alone the number of Waltham Forest businesses grew by 9%.

We need to build on these foundations and our people need to understand our resident’s needs and find innovative ways to ensure our services deliver. We need people who can challenge themselves and those around them. If you think this is you, then I look forward to working with you in the future. 

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Best wishes,

Martin Esom

Martin Esom

Chief Executive, Waltham Forest Council

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