Helen and Hula-hoop, Seacoal Camp, Lynemouth, Northumberland (1984)

Radical Landscapes at William Morris Gallery

Next up:
1 December 2023
10am to 5pm
William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road, London E17 4PP
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Radical Landscapes

William Morris Gallery is pleased to announce Radical Landscapes, an exhibition that will explore the natural world as a space for artistic inspiration, social connection, and political and cultural protest through the lens of William Morris, one of Britain’s earliest and most influential environmental thinkers. Organised in collaboration with Tate Liverpool, the exhibition will display work spanning two centuries and feature more than 60 works by artists including JMW Turner, Claude Cahun, Hurvin Anderson, Derek Jarman, Jeremy Deller and Veronica Ryan.

Delving into ideas of freedom, exploitation and trespass, the exhibition will reflect on how British landscapes have been read, accessed and used across social, class and racial lines, as well as the current global climate emergency, starting from Morris’ own relationship to and love for the land. Through the works on display and an expansive public programme, visitors will be encouraged to engage with the Gallery’s surrounding borough of Waltham Forest, once a rural outpost and now an urban London borough, where Morris was born and which shaped his environmental and political views.

Organised in collaboration with local artists, campaigners, foodbanks and allotments, the public programme will run alongside the exhibition, and expand beyond the Gallery’s walls into the wetlands, forests and green spaces of Waltham Forest. The programme will invite participants to reassess their relationship with local landscapes and respond to the climate crisis.

Radical Landscapes is organised in collaboration with Tate Liverpool, where a first version of the exhibition was shown from 5 May to 4 September 2022.

The exhibition is curated by Darren Pih, Chief Curator and Artistic Director, Harewood House; Laura Bruni, Curator of Exhibitions, Henry Moore Foundation; Matthew Watts, Assistant Curator, Tate; Hadrian Garrard, Director, William Morris Gallery; and Rowan Bain, Principal Curator, William Morris Gallery.