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Covid-19 NHS test and trace app for LBWF mobile devices privacy notice

Privacy notice for Covid-19 NHS test and trace app for LBWF mobile devices.

Who we are and what we do

Employee Experience and ICT

Simon Copsey:

Information we hold about you

The official NHS Covid-19 Android app is being deployed to work mobile phones used by staff and managed by Digital and ICT. The app will hold the following information:

  • The first half of the postcode (you enter), known as the postcode
  • Venue data you scan into the app (held for 21 days on your phone)
  • Contact tracing data – its own unique, daily, anonymous code and those of nearby app users (14 days on your phone)
  • Any symptoms you enter
  • Test results for bookings made using the app

The app does not access your location, contacts or any other personal data.

Why we need your information and how we use it

The NHS Covid19 Test and Trace App is only being deployed to Council issued mobile devices.

The Council will not have access to or use any information stored in the app.

The information held by the app cannot directly identify an individual.

The postcode district is used by the app to tailor your alerts and assist the NHS in tracking the progress of Covid-19, for instance, if you enter symptoms that suggest you have Covid-19.

If you book a test through the app, then the results will be held by the app.

If you “share” a positive result then your phone’s unique, anonymous app codes are uploaded to the central server and sent to other app users so their app can check this alert against its internal list of codes.

Remember, the app does not track your location or access personal data stored on the phone. It cannot identify your phone. No personal data is shared between your phone and anyone else’s phone.

Further information on the app can be found through the NHS website.

The lawful basis for the processing

Consent: staff will need to launch the application and enable Bluetooth and enter their postcode district

Public task: it will enable staff when undertaking their duties to help control the spread of coronavirus, to be informed and advise them if they have been exposed to the virus themselves

For more details on the Lawful Basis see the ICO guidance.

Who your information will be shared with

Your data will not be shared with anyone.

How long we will keep your information

No direct personal data will be held by anyone outside of the app. The app holds contact tracing data for 14 days and venue data for 21 days. If you leave the Council or your phone is given to another user it is reset and ALL data is erased.

Our Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer is Mark Hynes. Email:

Protecting your information

Please see the relevant section of the Corporate Privacy Notice.

Your information choice and rights

Please see the relevant section of the Corporate Privacy Notice.

Complaints and contact details

These are included in the relevant section of the Corporate Privacy Notice.

Information Commissioner’s Office

If we’re unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can complain to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)