Young Carers


The Young Carers Project supports children and young people who give regular care to a parent, carer or sibling with a disability, mental health needs, drug or alcohol dependency, or other needs.

About you

  • are you between 6 and 18 years-old and living in Waltham Forest?
  • do you help look after your parent, carer or a sibling because they are disabled, have emotional or mental health needs or drug/alcohol dependency?
  • do you worry about the person you care for?
  • does your family have problems with money, finding work or getting benefits?
  • do you have less time than your friends to do things you enjoy?
  • do you have difficulties at school or college?
  • do you feel isolated or different from other young people around you?

How we can help you

The Young Carers Project can offer you the following support

  • whole family support
  • access to clubs and positive activities
  • support with education, training or employment
  • school holiday activities
  • residential breaks
  • days out

We can also look for, and get specialist support from our partner agencies and organisations if you have specific needs that require a specialist.

Young Carers Summer Programme 2021

Find out more about our summer events programme.

Get in contact 

If you’ve got any questions, you can speak to the Young Carers team

COVID-19 support Click to get info

We have adapted our offer and support to young carers and their families in Waltham Forest. This will ensure that young carers and their families have the continued support they need during the current pandemic faced worldwide.

To ensure that our young carers can continue to stay in touch with the project, seek support, advice, guidance and participate in sessions, we are now offering the following support:

E-Palsfor junior young carers aged 6 to 11 who can write to their favourite or a member of staff and have them write back. This will ensure that our junior young carers have contact with the project and stay in touch.

Online Community: for senior young carers aged 12 to 18 giving them a safe online space to stay connected with each other, the project and where needed, the young carers can seek support and guidance on matters such as covid-19, local services, everyday support etc.

Mindfulness Sessions: our partner Mindful Peak Performance is delivering weekly online sessions via Zoom. This is an opportunity to develop tools and techniques to help alleviate and manage stress.

EH Family Handbook: a handbook has been developed with our families in mind. This handbook will assist and enable families in Waltham Forest to help them manage during these challenging and difficult times. The handbook contains important contacts, services, advice, online resources and advice on internet safety and tips.

Whole Family Support: your named family practitioner will continue to support you and make regular contact with you and the family.

If you are a young carer living in Waltham Forest or know someone who might be, and could benefit from any of the above services and support, then please check the make a referral section below on how you can be referred or refer a family for additional support.

Our promise to you Click to get info

We make sure that you’re involved and play an active role in all decisions and in choosing the kind of support that you need to achieve your goals.

 We promise to

  • treat you with respect
  • ask you directly about the support you need
  • give you access to the information we hold about you and your family
  • ask your views on the way that the project should involve you and how the project is run
  • be sensitive to your culture, ethnicity and religion

If you know of a child or young person in Waltham Forest who maybe a young carer that requires additional support, than you should make a referral to the Young Carers Project.

Please download the EH Young Carers New Referrals and CSC Step Down to EH and follow the most appropriate route.

You can also download an LBWF MASH Referral form.

If you are unsure, have any further questions or queries, you can contact the Young Carers team

Home Based Tuition Click to get info

Young Carers living in Waltham Forest can now access 10 hours of funded tuition support in Maths and English. Our partner; Titanium Tutors will deploy tutors based on the Young Carers needs and availability. 

To access this opportunity, the Young Carer and their family must be known/ open to Early Help 0 to 18 or Children’s Social Care. The referral should be submitted by the named family practitioner. 

If you would like to receive Home Based Tuition support or refer a Young Carer that you are supporting, then please follow the steps below. 

  1. Share and discuss the opportunity with the Young Carer and their family members.
  2. Complete the “Home Based Tuition” support referral form
  3. Email the referral form to
  4. Titanium Tutors will deploy Tutor within 4 weeks of receiving the completed referral