Why are we doing this?


The past year has seen residents’ health, family life and economic prospects severely challenged. At the same time there is huge determination to take concerted action to challenge the inequalities that hold back too many of our people.

Through the pandemic, the Council has listened more and found new ways to work alongside residents, partners and businesses. We recognise that everyone plays a part in performing public service, and that only by working collectively can we hope to fulfil the huge potential of everyone in Waltham Forest.   

As we look to a better future, we want to work in partnership with everyone in our borough to create a Waltham Forest that is healthy, green, safe and more equal.   

In the coming year we will work to create jobs and opportunity.  

We will continue to build on the core services that our residents rely on, making sure they are easy to access and there when people need them.   

People in Waltham Forest feel great pride in their communities: we will build on our strengths of culture, creativity and community spirit to stand together so everyone has the opportunity to thrive.