What your Council Tax is spent on

Council Tax


We use your Council Tax to pay for many local services like emergency services, rubbish collection, libraries, schools, street lights and much more.

Some of the money goes to pay for the Greater London Authority (GLA) spending.


We calculate your Council Tax using the Valuation Office's bands and the GLA charges.

These figures don’t take account of any discounts, benefits, or other reductions you may be entitled to.

Council Tax band Charge for 2017/18
A £1025.33
B £1196.21
C £1367.10
D £1537.99
E £1879.77
F £2221.54
G £2563.32
H £3075.98

​​​​​Percentage change

  • There is a 1.5% increase in the Greater London Authority spending
  • There is a 2% increase for Waltham Forest Council spending
  • There is a 3% increased for the Adult social care precept
  • The overall percentage increase 4.3%