Walthamstow Cemetery


Walthamstow (Queens Road) Cemetery
Queens Road
E17 8QP

The cemetery covers 11 acres and opened in October 1872. It was started by the Walthamstow Burial Road who had the two chapels and belfry, with the lodge, coroner's court and sundry buildings erected.

The cemetery is now full, except for when it needs to re-open family plots.

Many of the family graves have been neglected for years.

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Chingford Mount Cemetery and Queens Road Cemetery opening hours

​Month Monday to Saturday​ ​Sundays​​
January​ to March ​7.30am to 4pm ​10am to 4pm
April​ to September ​7.30am to 7.30pm ​10am to 6pm
​October to December ​7.30am to 4pm ​10am to 4pm


As the gates will be locked at the times stated in order to secure the cemetery, all visitors and their vehicles are asked to leave the cemetery in good time. No person is permitted to be in the cemetery outside the published opening hours.

It may be necessary at times to lock the gates earlier than stated due to circumstances beyond our control. If this is necessary appropriate notices will be displayed advising visitors of this.

The Council reserves the right to limit public entry or to close the cemeteries at any time.

Dogs must be kept on a short lead and are only allowed on the main pathways, not between graves.

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Cemeteries Administration

Chingford Mount Cemetery Offices 121 Old Church Road Chingford London 
E4 6ST 
020 8524 5030 
Fax: 020 8523 7944